Built To Survive, the comprehensive guide to anabolic therapies, nutrition and exercise for HIV well-being and longevity.

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Michael Mooney and Nelson Vergel have put together information  that has, no doubt, already saved thousands of lives, and has the  potential to save many more. Don't lose your body to HIV. Read  Built to Survive and learn how to keep it strong and healthy.  
Lark Lands, PhD, Science Editor, POZ Magazine, 

After finding myself in the hospital at 125 pounds, and then  putting on 60 pounds to regain my health, I can say that the  information contained in this book is something all HIV(+) people should know about. It's helped me stay alive.
Jeff Taylor, Long-term HIV(+) Survivor, San Diego

This is an excellent book full of good sound advice that individuals can follow to help decrease some of the side effects of HIV/AIDS. It is a book for the individual but also a highly recommended book for all medical, academic, and public libraries.
AIDS Book Review Journal,
University of Illinois at Chicago

This book provides user friendly information about an extremely  important topic, combined with a sophisticated and accurate  presentation of the scientific evidence available to support the clinical recommendations.
Judith Rabkin, PhD, Columbia University, New York City

Mooney and Vergel's most vigorous message is don't just depend on medicines to manage your health. Diet, exercise, and hormones, if appropriate, could help you achieve the healthiest body and  strongest immune system possible.  
Charlie Smigelsky, RD, Editor, Nutrition for Healthy Living,
Tufts University, Boston

Mooney and Vergel's book separates out the "wheat from the  chaff" in nutritional and hormonal science for both the layperson and medical professionals. I recommend Built to Survive to  medical professionals who deal with wasting from other medical  conditions (cancer, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, etc) as well as to healthy people who want a useable anti-aging plan. Additionally,  the chapter about "Lipodystrophy" applies well to Type II diabetes.  
Karlis Ullis, MD, Asst. Clinical Professor, UCLA School of Medicine,  Director, Sports Medicine and Anti-Aging Group of Santa Monica, CA, and Author of Age Right 

Built To Survive synthesizes a wealth of information on life extension and the maintenance of health, especially for those who are HIV+. The sections on dietary supplementation and hormonal therapies, especially anabolic steroid use for HIV+ patients, are especially useful as each chapter dispels many of the myths surrounding these topics. A highly recommended resource book.
Alexander G. Schauss, PhD
Director, Natural and Medicinal Products Research
Life Sciences Division, AIMBMR, Inc, Tacoma, WA

Michael Mooney and Nelson Vergel provide HIV(+) individuals  with powerful advice on nutrition and hormone strengthening that standard medicine all too often leaves out or doesn't  understand. I support their work wholeheartedly!!
Jon D. Kaiser, MD, HIV Specialist & 
Author of Immune Power and Healing HIV  

Built to Survive is a key resource for anybody providing care for HIV patients. It is informative, innovative and accurate. I refer  to it very often and recommend it to many of my patients and students.  
Professor Julian Gold, MD, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia

Built to Survive provides an accessible overview of certain important therapies, by advocates who have made themselves experts in this area.We suggest this book as a source of ideas that you may later  want to discuss with your physician.  
John James,
AIDS Treatment News

Included are tips on ... eating to enhance immunity, optimal use of  supplements, weight lifting to fight wasting, natural treatments for  diarrhea, appetite stimulation and food safety, as well as extensive  resources. Favorite chapter: Complementary Treatments for Lipodystrophy. 
POZ Magazine, New York City

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