What Is PoWeR?

Program for Wellness Restoration (PoWeR) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit grass-roots, information-based, treatment and research advocacy organization conceived by Nelson Vergel, a treatment advocate who has been HIV(+) since 1983. 

PoWeR disseminates empowering information to patients and physicians about a comprehensive, state-of-the-art approach to AIDS wasting management, prevention and reversal through the use of proper nutrition, supplementation, resistance weight training, anabolic hormones and motivational techniques. PoWeR focuses on body composition issues that are critical for overall health and well-being in HIV.

PoWeR is operated by volunteers and relies solely on private tax deductible contributions.

PoWeR is a 501(c) (3) non-profit Texas corporation.

The PoWeR Workshops are endorsed by the AIDS Foundation of Houston's Wellness Program and many physicians around the country.


1. To disseminate empowering information in the US and overseas to HIV(+) people and their health care practitioners about a practical, comprehensive, state-of-the-art program to reverse/prevent wasting and to improve quality of life.

2. To advocate the safe and proper use of anabolic hormones to combat wasting by a grass-root campaign with up-to-date information for physicians in HIV practice.

3. To assist researchers/physicians in developing adequate protocols to evaluate ways to reverse/prevent wasting.

4. To inform HIV(+) individuals about resources and economical routes to obtain nutritional information and products which enhance Lean Body Mass (LBM).

5. To actively search for the latest developments in the field of wasting management in the U.S. and around the world.

6. To ensure accessibility to anabolic hormones to all HIV(+) people with or without insurance.


1. Provide workshops to the HIV(+) community around the country and overseas.

2. Provide a comprehensive guidebook, Built To Survive, that provides details about our research.

3. Publish an internet newsletter with updates about nutrition, medical applications of anabolic hormone use and exercise research.

4. Hold private phone or face-to-face consultations with individuals who need a more personalized approach to start the program.

5. Do medical database searches for those individuals who want to become more knowledgeable about their opportunistic infections or treatments.

6. Write articles in local and national magazines to let the HIV(+) community know about the program.

7. Utilize the internet to disseminate information and contact potential clients in the USA and worldwide.

8. Generate interest in our workshops from other agencies in the USA (and worldwide) to be able to take our message to other locations.

9. Assist any physician who wants to learn more about the proper use of anabolic hormones in metabolically challenging diseases.

10. Strive to bring experts and/or authors from other parts of the country to Houston and other communities to speak in community forums about latest research in the areas of nutrition/supplementation/exercise/hormonal intervention and the immune system.

11. Search for emerging information in the area of wasting management by subscribing and reviewing respected journals and by attending conferences in the fields of nutrition, sports medicine, orthomolecular medicine and other related expertise areas.

12. Support and serve as consultants for the creation of a Houston Buyers' Club to supply nutritional supplements at cost to the HIV(+) community.

13. Present papers and exhibits on the program in AIDS Conferences.

14. Write protocols to evaluate anabolic therapies and do needed public relations work to get them approved and funded by medical groups/ACTG/CRIA/AMFAR.

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