Cost Comparison Of Anabolics

Cost Comparison Of Anabolic Agents Available In The United States: Weight Gained Versus Time Versus Cost Per Month by Michael Mooney
(from Medibolics, #7, October, 1998, updated June, 2000)

Growth Hormone Versus Anabolic Steroids
The following table graphically illustrates the tremendous disparity between different anabolic compounds for price versus lean body mass gained. One study showed that nandrolone decanoate delivered as much as 11.88 pounds of lean body mass (LBM) over 15 weeks, yet it only cost $56 per month. Serostim human growth hormone (hGH) at a full 6 mg. dose, costs over 100 times more than nandrolone, but it delivered only a little over half as much LBM over 12 weeks. Even low doses of other steroids appear to do as well as or better than Serostim for anabolic activity for much less cost. Note that lean body mass does not necessarily mean muscle, as LBM includes water, bone, connective tissue and organs, and the early results of one HIV study presented in 1999 by Dr. Donald Kotler that used magnetic resonance imaging to analyze changes in tissue growth showed that Serostim GH did not increase muscle growth over 12 weeks.

Product - oral (o) or injectable (i)
reference #

Research study author - year

Study length

Number of patients

Exercise included?

Dose (mg)., frequency
(every 2 weeks, etc...)

Average wt. gain


Nandrolone (i) 1

Gold '96




100 mg./2 weeks

6.6 lbs - wt


Nandrolone (i) 2

Bucher '96




100 mg./week

5 lbs - BCM


Testosterone Enanthate (i) 3

Bhasin '96 (non-HIV males)




600 mg./ week

13.42 lbs - LBM


Nandrolone & Testosterone (i) 4

Salvato '97




Escalating- De-escalating 100-700 mg./wk

13 lbs - wt

Average $130

Nandrolone (i) 5

Strawford '97 2 phases

1rst ph - 3 wks 2nd ph - 12 wks



1rst ph - 195 mg./wk (3 wks) then 2nd ph - 200 mg. every 2 wks

1rst ph - 5.28 lbs LBM + 2nd - 6.6 lbs =
11.88 lbs LBM

Average $90

Winstrol (o) 6

Berger '93




6 mg./day

10. lbs - wt


Winstrol (o) 6

Berger '93




6 mg./day

3.5 lbs - wt


Oxandrin (o) 7

Poles '97




20 mg/day

6.9 lbs - wt


Serostim hGH 8

Schambelan '96




6 mg/day

6.6 lbs - LBM


Some studies report only total weight, not lean body mass (LBM) or body cell mass (BCM). Given this, we have presented the limited available data. Note: BCM is the metabolically active tissue that includes muscle and organs like the liver, etc. LBM includes BCM, connective tissue, water and bone. Total weight includes LBM and fat.


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