PoWeR Seminars

How To Have a PoWeR Seminar in Your City

1. Find an AIDS Services Organization (ASO) that is willing to sponsor the seminar.
(The ASO will help to promote the event to their clients.)

2. Give us at least 2 months notice and we will help you to find funding through unrestricted grants to pay for the event's expenses.

3. Find a location. This can be a community-sponsored room, a hotel ballroom, or other public location where the seminar can take place.

4. Send us copies of any local gay/lesbian/HIV/community publications or magazines so that we can see if we can place ads, and if we can get them to publish an article that promotes the event. (An article can typically double attendance numbers.)

6. We are happy to create our own flyers, as we usually do a better job than the ASO.

    Details we need to make promotional fliers or ads:
    a. Name of ASO we are working with
    b. Address of the event location
    c. Date
    d. Time when the doors open
    e. Time when food is served (If we can get the funding, a dinner or light meal will be served)
    f. Time when lecture starts (our lectures can be 1 to 2 hours long)
    g. RSVP contact name and phone number
    h. Email address for ASO, or contact at ASO

While Michael and Nelson lecture together sometimes, for budgeting purposes most lectures are done with one or the other person. For large events in major cities where there is sufficient funding we try to lecture together.

Nelson Vergel at: (Nelson can also lecture in Spanish.) Read Nelson's biography. (Biografia en Espanol.)

Michael Mooney at: Read Michael's biography.

Find out about the new Survivor's Seminar. Nelson generally does this lecture alone, but for larger venues or bigger cities, Michael will lecture with Nelson and specifically detail hormones and nutrition.  

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