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May 1, 2002

Anabolic Steroids, Wrongly Believed To Be Illegal Substances For Everyone, Can Be Life-Savers For People With HIV

[ Houston , TX ] -- Michael Mooney and Nelson Vergel, AIDS treatment advocates and Directors of Program for Wellness Restoration (PoWeR), have published Built to Survive, A Comprehensive Guide to the Medical Use of Anabolic Therapies, Nutrition and Exercise for HIV(+) Men and Women. This first-of-its-kind guide promotes the medical use of anabolic steroids for the HIV(+) population. An aggressive three-pronged approach combats the most physically noticeable effect of HIV/AIDS--the loss of lean body mass and weight, known as wasting syndrome.

Two leading Houston HIV physicians champion the program spelled out in Built to Survive. Patricia Salvato, M.D., says, "The authors detail how to use nutrition, anabolic hormones, and exercise in combination to improve lean body mass and overall health in HIV. Improving lean body mass improves overall quality of life, with reduced infections and reduced mortality." Shannon Schrader, M. D./Researcher adds, "As people watch their bodies improve, they develop a more positive perspective. Improved mental health contributes to good physical health."

HIV/AIDS specialists across the country also tout the benefits of Built to Survive. Jon D. Kaiser, M.D., of Mill Valley, California, says, "Michael Mooney and Nelson Vergel provide HIV(+) individuals with powerful advice on nutrition and hormone strengthening that standard medicine all too often leaves out or doesn't understand. I support their work wholeheartedly!!"

A review in the AIDS Book Review Journal (University of Illinois at Chicago) states, "This is an excellent book full of sound advice that individuals can follow to help decrease some of the side effects of HIV/AIDS. It is a book for the individual, but also a highly recommended book for all medical, academic, and public libraries."

San Diego resident Jeff Taylor received his HIV diagnosis 14 years ago. Following the advice in Built to Survive, Taylor now thrives and leads a productive life. He says, "After finding myself dying in a hospital at 125 pounds, and then putting on 60 pounds to regain my health, I can say that the information contained in this book is something that all HIV(+) people should know about. It's helped me stay alive. It contains fundamental wellness tools that should be in all of our arsenals."

Co-author Michael Mooney, PoWeR's Director of Research, says, "This book details everything one might want to know about anabolic hormones, appetite stimulants, proper diet, cutting edge dietary supplements, and an optimal exercise program to improve health and the potential for long-term survival."

Co-author Nelson Vergel, chemical engineer, founder of PoWeR, and Director of the Body Wellness Center/Houston, has been HIV(+) for 19 years. He experimented with the principles set forth in Built to Survive and is living proof of their effectiveness. "The time has come to treat HIV comprehensively with not only anti-retrovirals, but also with life-enhancing complementary therapies. Minimizing the side effects [of drug therapies] is key to living better and longer. We hope we can make it easier to conquer many of them with our book," says Vergel.

All of the net proceeds from the sale of Built to Survive will fund nonprofit organizations focusing on HIV wellness.

Ask for Built To Survive at your favorite bookstore. For wholesale orders (or a complimentary journalist review copy), call Hohm Press at (800) 381- 2700.